• Massive Lettuce Coral Reef, Forgotten Islands, Indonesia (Category: Scapes)
      © Cameron Azad
    • Running Cheetah - Blurred Motion , Kruger National Park, South Africa (Category: Mammals)
      © Douglas Croft
    • Manitoba Stars, Canada (Category: Scapes)
      © Roy Swoboda
    • Supermoon Eclipse, Tarrytown, NY, USA (Category: Altered Reality)
      © Elijah Goodwin
    • Northern Gannet Close-up, Bonaventure Island, Perce, Canada (Category: Birds)
      © William Pohley
    • The hungry juvenile Peregrine Falcon, California (Category: Birds)
      © Thanh Tran
    • Baboon Tree, Namibia (Category: Mammals)
      © John Norvell

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