• Composite Grey Crowned Cranes near Mt Kenya, Masai Mara and Mt Kenya from a small plane
      © Cheryl Medow
    • A Hamerkop prepares his meal by washing it., Mkuze, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
      © Barbara Fleming
    • Red-footed booby, juv about to catch a flying fish, Amirante Island group, Seychelles,
      © Sue Forbes
    • Curious humpback whale calf takes a look, Vava\'u, Tonga
      © Jodi Frediani
    • Reef shark in a school of snappers, Tiger Beach, Bahamas
      © Rick Beldegreen
    • Short-billed Dowitcher with Sandworm, St. Petersburg, Florida
      © Peter Brannon
    • Composite image of Ermine leaping over snow, Hayden Valley, Yellowstone NP Wyoming
      © Carl Henry

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