Environment and Conservation

  • A Black-tailed bumble bee, (Bombus melanopygus) flies in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
    Image © Clay Bolt.

A core part of NANPA’s Mission Statement is to promote the art and science of nature photography as a medium of nature appreciation and environmental protection. NANPA works in the following ways to follow it’s mission:

NANPA Conservation Committee:

The Conservation Committee (formerly the Environment Committee) is one of NANPA’s oldest committees. The Conservation Committee works to educate members on conservation photography and conservation issues of importance to nature photographers. It encourages and informs nature photographers on how to undertake conservation projects, helps support and promote conservation projects of nature photographers, and is exploring creative ways for NANPA to sponsor or support broader member projects. The Conservation Committee also helps select the recipient of the Philip Hyde Grant – a grant to support a NANPA member’s environmental photography project.

Committee Members:

Dave Huth (Chair)
Gabby Salazar
Melissa Groo
Sean Fitzgerald
Krista Schlyer
Morgan Heim
Steven Johnson
Jaymi Heimbuch
Robin Moore
Clay Bolt
Susan Day

Want to get involved? Contact volunteers@nanpa.org with the Subject Line: Environment Committee.


The NANPA Environmental Statement (English | Español ) was passed by the NANPA Board as guidance to our members.

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