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Introduction to Conservation Photography by Robin Moore
What’s This Picture For? Different Approaches to Conservation Photography by Dave Huth
The Many Flavors of Conservation Photography by Frank Gallagher
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New! Conservation Photography Handbook

NANPA is proud to announce the release of the Conservation Photography handbook as developed by the Conservation Committee. This important tool is the first entry in the NANPA Highlights series and is now available for download by members; access it through the member benefits page. 

Using Your Photography to Get Involved in Conservation Projects

Looking for a way to do something for the environment with your photography? Maybe you’re just looking to add another purpose to the photos you take. Whatever the reason, NANPA’s Conservation Committee encourages you to choose a citizen science subject that interests you and find out how you can take photographs and submit them to a larger research project.

Skilled nature photographers can contribute to citizen science projects with a range of subjects including insects, plants, wildlife, landscapes, mammals, butterflies and so much more. The Conservation Committee has compiled a list of projects that are currently looking for citizen science contributors.

View Available Citizen Science Projects

NANPA Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee (formerly the Environment Committee) is one of NANPA’s oldest committees. The Conservation Committee works to educate members on conservation photography and conservation issues of importance to nature photographers. It encourages and informs nature photographers on how to undertake conservation projects, helps support and promote conservation projects of nature photographers, and is exploring creative ways for NANPA to sponsor or support broader member projects. The Conservation Committee also helps select the recipient of the Philip Hyde Granta grant offered by the NANPA Foundation to support a NANPA member’s environmental photography project.

Committee Members:

Dave Huth (Co-chair)
Andrew Snyder (Co-chair) — View his story on the sockeye salmon spawn
Clay Bolt
Dee Ellison
Sean Fitzgerald
Melissa Groo
Morgan Heim
Steven Johnson — View his story on vernal pools
Robin Moore
Donald Quintana
Gabby Salazar
Krista Schlyer
Susan Day


The NANPA Environmental Statement (English | Español) was passed by the NANPA Board as guidance to our members.

Click here to read about the History of the NANPA Conservation Committee.