Winning the NANPA Showcase Competition

© Bob Oswald

Winning a photo contest is difficult, yet not impossible. A beautiful image is not necessarily the secret to success. You must start with a sharp, well-exposed image to make any headway at all, but to stand out among thousands–or even tens of thousands–of sharp, well-exposed images, your work must have more than pretty going for it. Continue reading

Autumn in Yellowstone

Story and photography by D. Robert Franz

© D. Robert Franz

© D. Robert Franz

Autumn,  (The Quiet Season). Yellowstone, the world’s first national park, holds an endless fascination for travelers from all over the world and for good reason. With its unrivaled natural geologic wonders and abundant wildlife the park is a magnet for people seeking adventure. The crowds pose a bit of a problem for nature photographers, who generally prefer to pursue their passion with a bit more solitude. Continue reading

UAVs and Aerial Videography: Tips and Technique

Story by Ralph Bendjebar

In my previous articles on the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/drones) in aerial photography and videography, I concentrated on the ethical and legal considerations, the hardware capabilities of some popular brands, and exposure techniques for both still photography and video clips. In this article I describe some techniques that can enhance your shooting style when in video mode and can result in some dramatic and interesting footage.

First, satisfy all of the legal and ethical requirements for where you intend to launch.

Don’t start recording at takeoff and fly around without a plan until you run out of battery life. Before the launch, work out a plan for what you intend to capture during the flight. Sometimes it’s best to use a first flight to reconnoiter the area before hitting the record button. Decide on an interesting perspective, and practice the maneuver before recording a sequence. Continue reading

NANPA Weekly Wow: Aug 29- Sept 4

© Curtis Gibbens

Each week highlights 7 images from the top 100 submissions of the 2016 NANPA Showcase competition. This week’s images are by:

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NATIONAL PARKS: Joshua Tree National Park

Story and photography by Jerry Ginsberg

Sunset silhouettes a joshua tree - moonrise above - in Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

Mojave Moonrise © Jerry Ginsberg

California has nine national parks—more than any other state in the nation—and the southernmost of them, Joshua Tree National Park, is located near the northern end of the Mohave Desert. This great desert park is easy to reach, easy to hike and lots of fun.

The calm beauty of the desert is near its peak here. Being out and immersed in the delicious solitude present before dawn is one of the great joys of nature photography. In such special moments, it is easy to feel the rhythms of the Earth and reconnect with Nature.

Despite its name, the Joshua tree isn’t a tree at all. This somewhat strange looking plant is actually a yucca. More to the point—in the bright light of day—it is immediately plain to see that it is not all that photogenic. The best images of these unique yuccas show them in silhouette, emphasizing their interesting and graceful forms, which are often backlit against a brilliantly colored sky. Continue reading

WEEDS- Give ‘Em A Break

Story and Photography by Bonnie Marquette

Wireweed in Iris Bed © Bonnie Marquette

Wireweed in Iris Bed © Bonnie Marquette

 (before you give them a rake) Weeds- the bane of existence for every gardener. They’re invasive and take over our flowerbeds and carefully manicured yards. The definition of “weed” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary reads as such: “a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth; especially: one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants.Continue reading

NANPA Weekly Wow: Aug 22-28

© David Francis

Each week highlights 7 images from the top 100 submissions of the 2016 NANPA Showcase competition. This week’s images are by:

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FIELD TECHNIQUE: Shedding New Light on Common Subjects

Story and photography by F.M. Kearney

Overcast light, direct sunlight, high angles, low angles: there are probably as many ways to photograph flowers as there are flowers themselves. However, if the flowers are the sole subjects of your shot, each image might not look radically different from the others. If you’re tired of the ordinary and you want to create something truly unique, try a totally different approach.

Photography is all about light, so it stands to reason that if you drastically change the light, you will drastically change the look of your photo. One way to do this is to shoot indoors under artificial light. You don’t need a studio or any special equipment to do this.

Backlit lily (Liliaceae) In studio New York, NY

© F.M. Kearney

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Are You a Dragon Photographer? I am

Story and Photography by Cathy & Gordon Illg

© Cathy & Gordon Illg

© Cathy & Gordon Illg

In our early days of nature photography, long before I had any right to be that way, I was very competitive. I wanted the awards and accolades. If someone took a good shot of something, I wanted a better photo of the same subject. Most of the time I didn’t succeed in capturing one, but I certainly tried. Continue reading