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Should photographers disclose the locations of little-known photographic sites?

By Michael Frye, Chair, Ethics Committee

Revealing where a photograph was taken may help develop support for preserving that area. On the other hand, it may also draw hordes of photographers and nature lovers whose collective impact could destroy the original beauty or disturb sensitive plants and animals. If the location is imminently threatened by logging, mining, or other forms of development, then the choice seems simple. But in other situations the answer is not as clear. This month we are pleased to have Jim Erhardt and Bill Silliker present their views on whether nature photographers should disclose the locations of little-known photographic sites.

We invite readers to comment on this topic. We may publish (with permission) some of these responses in Ripples or on the NANPA web site. Please send your comments to Please send your comments to

To disclose...
by Jim Erhardt

...or not to disclose.
by Bill Silliker

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