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Greg Payne writes:

I agree with NANPA that the issue of disclosure is becoming critical to the success of nature photography. Everyday photographic spots across the country are receiving more and more pressure, and unfortunately many are being destroyed in the name of progress.

While I respect the opinion of your commentators on the ethics of disclosure, I am somewhat concerned that the main point of disclosure's benefits were missed. Simply stated, if we choose non-disclosure, for whatever reason, we are acting as isolationists. We are not sharing our talents and skills and ultimately we are limiting our voice as mentors to other photographers and as agents of environmental change to the singular. We are only powerful when we speak and photograph in unison.

Also, I am afraid the two commentators' completely avoided the primary cause for non-disclosure. Many photographers do not share their locations because of fears that someone else may come into the same place and do a better job. Guess what? This will happen with or without disclosure. There is always someone who is better than we are. It is a simple fact that must be accepted and recognized. Only through perseverance, determination, and longevity can we ever be regarded in the same light as Ansel Adams, John Shaw, Arthur Morris, etc.

To disclose...
by Jim Erhardt

...or not to disclose
by Bill Silliker

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