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Erwin Bauer

Erwin Bauer

Date of Interview: January 18, 2004
Interviewer: Shirley Nuhn (SN)
Transcriber: Susie Parrent
Length: 72 minutes
(Also present are his wife, Peggy Bauer (PB), and John Nuhn, photo director, National Wildlife magazine)

Track 15: (2:04 min.)

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EB: There's quite a large, a big group, of large tortoises. We were walking along the edge of the island and it's scenic. I'm stopping to take pictures of the tortoises and rails and some other birds. We came to a kind of a scenic rock, and it went back in. Inside of it was a huge tortoise. He was in there looking at us, giving us the evil eye. We stopped to look at him and the other people walked on. There were some other people with us. But just Peggy and I were there [now] and I turned around and said to her, just being smart, "Hey, why don't you get in there and drag that thing out so it'll be in better light for me to take a picture?" She didn't even look at me or say "yes" or "no" or think I was making a joke. She got down there on her hands and knees and fought that damn thing out into the sun. I took some pictures of it and we went on holding hands and hugging. And I knew she just had to be the one. And she was.

SN: That was 1971 and you were married the next year?

EB: '71, yeah.

PB: Yeah.

EB: And we never - her father when we got back to - oh, yeah! There's more!

PB: Don't tell any more, that's enough. Enough.

EB: Okay.

SN: That's great. That is great for this record. What we can do is make this part one of the oral history interview. I usually say this at the end because I like to leave an open door and we can do part two either if I'm here or you're in Washington - our Washington - or at some other point, maybe at a meeting of some kind. I'd like to do that and follow up.

EB: [Laughs]

SN: All right, thank you!

[End of interview]

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