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Nominations and Elections Committee

Charge: Nominate qualified Board candidates and get Board approval of nominees for election to the Board of Directors. Build pool of possible leadership candidates.

NANPA 2015 Board of Directors Election Information (Coming soon...)

Selection of NANPA Board Candidates

The Nominations and Elections Committee periodically reviews procedures for selecting and electing NANPA's Board and informs the membership of its guidelines via Currents. Participation by NANPA members in the nomination process is vital to identify qualified people for these important positions. The Committee encourages you to bring to our attention any prospective candidates using the following process.

Between the Annual Summit and March 1st, anyone wishing to be considered for the Board or wishing to suggest another member should submit names to NANPA in writing and request a Nomination Pool Questionnaire for the nominee to fill out and return to Headquarters. Completed questionnaires must be received at NANPA headquarters by April 1st. Possible candidates may be brought to the attention of the Nominations Committee from all available sources - including key committee positions, current and past Board members, and the general membership. Persons who have become involved by serving on committees, demonstrating their talents, interest, and reliability become a valuable resource for future involvement on the Board of Directors. This is a great way for members to get to know NANPA, and for NANPA to know you!

The selection of a slate of nominees is the result of a year-long, carefully planned and executed process designed to obtain the best-qualified person for each vacant elective position. Candidates are expected to have attended a number of Summits and to have served on a committee or in some other way demonstrated active interest. In any given year, excellent candidates do not make it onto the slate, therefore names are often kept in the Nominating Pool for future years.

The Nominations Committee analyzes the current and long-range leadership needs of NANPA, reviews candidates, and selects nominees whose credentials best fit the criteria for that year and who agree to serve. Before the mid-year Board meeting, the Committee submits for ratification at least one name for each vacancy to the Board.

The slate of nominees could at times exceed the number of Board vacancies. This will depend upon the specific leadership needs and the meshing of qualified candidates. There is a growing tendency for non-governmental organizations to nominate a single slate (one opening, one candidate). An exact slate helps insure a balanced board and saves the "wasting" of our supply of potential leaders. Defeated candidates seldom run again and popularity may result in the loss of highly qualified, but lesser known individuals. The service of many good leaders may be lost to the organization because they are sacrificed to furnish a contest. Every year the Committee evaluates the benefits of a single slate versus nominating more candidates than the number of vacancies. Our conclusion is to continue with the single slate process this year.

To maintain a responsive Board of Directors with wide representation, and one that will provide effective leadership, the committee considers certain criteria in the selection process. These include:

    a. Proven leadership within NANPA or a related industry or organization
    b. Reflection of the diversity of our membership
    c. An unquestionable reputation respected within the industry
    d. A philosophical alignment with the NANPA mission
    e. An understanding of the basic philosophy, purpose, principles,
        and policies of NANPA as written in the mission statement
    f. Willingness to commit the time to do a thorough job and
        participate actively
    g. The ability to function in a team environment
    h. Sensitivity to our membership and industry - how they act, react
        and how others relate to them
    i. Willingness to consider the position of all NANPA members
        (whether in agreement or not)

The Board-approved slate of nominees appears each year in the earliest available issue of Currents. Elections take place on or before November 1st and new Board members take office at the close of the annual Summit.

Petition Process for write-in candidates

A. NANPA members may place one or more nominees on the official ballot by a petition of 2.5% of the voting membership. The required number of signatures shall be indicated when the slate of nominees is announced, based on the membership at the time of petition.

B. People wanting to be placed on the official ballot as write-in candidates should contact Headquarters to determine the required number of letters from members so indicating. These must be received at NANPA headquarters between September 1st and September 30th.

C. Nominations are reviewed to see if they meet NANPA requirements (i.e. membership, compliance w/bylaws, willingness to serve, etc.) And are so notified of their eligibility or lack of eligibility.

D. Nominees send photo, bio, and statement of philosophy regarding NANPA and its future direction to headquarters for inclusion in the ballot mailing to the voting membership.

Nomination Pool Questionnaire

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