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NANPA 2014 Board of Directors Candidate

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Gary Farber

Gary Farber

Hunt's Photo and Video
Melrose, MA

1. A brief overview of my job, photographic, educational, volunteer, organizational board/committee skills, etc.

I am Vice President of Hunt’s Photo and Video and I am responsible for developing new markets for the company at the local, regional, and national level specifically targeting photo industry organizations. I work with several photo organizations across the country and provide support for many of these organizations with funding for seminars and guest speakers, providing gift certificates for raffles and placing advertising space in organizational brochures and publications. These organizations included but are not limited to PSA, NAPP, CNPA, OWAA, SEOPA, TOWAA, PPANE and NECC. I graduated from Hesser College in Manchester, New Hampshire, as a business major.

2. How long have I been an active member of NANPA:
I have been an active member of NANPA for 10 years.

3. What Summits/Forums have I attended?
I have attended the last ten NANPA Summits as a vendor.

4. Have I served as a NANPA volunteer or worked on a committee?
I have served NANPA as a volunteer on the Summit Committee for the Jacksonville Summit.

5. What particular expertise and/or qualities would you bring to the NANPA Board?
As a board member I believe that I could persuade manufacturers to attend NANPA Summits and/or develop added value discounts to the members. I believe that my relationship with other photo organizations would permit me to recruit new members to NANPA.

6. How would I use my abilities to further the NANPA mission “to provide education, foster professionalism and ethical conduct, gather and disseminate information and develop standards for all persons interested in the field of nature photography?” NANPA further seeks to promote nature photography as an art form and a medium of communication for the sciences, nature appreciation and environmental protection. Do not address the entire mission, but only those aspects that align with your own know-how, interests and goals.

The most enjoyable aspect of my work is engaging with and encouraging young people who have a keen interest in nature photography. I work with them and cultivate their interest and would in turn encourage them to join NANPA in order to build on their photographic skills and expand their knowledge of nature and nature photography.

7. How do you envision NANPA’s role in the future of nature photography? How would you further that role?

I’m not sure about NANPA’s role in the future of nature photography other than to believe that NANPA will thrive as the leading organization in the field. As a Board member, I will work diligently to promote the interests of NANPA and the NANPA Board.

8. Why do you want to serve on the NANPA Board of Directors? If elected, what would you personally like to accomplish during your term on the NANPA Board?

My wish is to continue to serve on the NANPA board because I think I can add a lot of qualities to the organization and I have a genuine love for the people involved with the organization and I think I could work well with them. I have a great relationship with the members. I would like to continue to work with the Board to increase membership, expand the annual Summit, and with industry product leaders to recognize the importance of NANPA and its members.

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