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NANPA 2014 Board of Directors Candidate

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Jack Graham

Jack Graham

Jack Graham Photography
Sherwood, Oregon

1) Give us a brief overview of your job, photographic, educational, volunteer, organizational board/committee skills, etc.

My complete biography can be found at

My degree is from Indiana University (BA /music 1974)

While developing my photographic skills, and overall love of nature photography, I spent many years, both as a musician and in a full time in a sales/ management position in the consumer electronics field I transitioned into a full time nature photographer, workshop leader in 2003.I had been doing this part time since1994.

Photographically, my major portion of time is spent conducting nature photography workshops domestically and internationally. I sell many prints, some stock.

I am also a contributing writer with Landscape Photography Magazine, an online publication in Europe . My articles have been published as well on many other websites such as the Luminous Landscape, Nature etc. I have an active blog containing “how to” articles, location information and more . I have published two successful eBooks.

I am a member of the Mono Lake Committee, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

My organizational skills have been developed over the years in a senior management position in corporate America. I use these skills everyday in running my successful photography business. I am a good listener, but always will be honest and truthful in my opinions. I can be a “take charge” guy, but always look to other for council and opinions. I have been the chair person for the NANPA awards committee.

2) How long have you been an active member of NANPA? 1998

3) What Summits/Forums have you attended? I have attended 5 summits

4) Have you served as a NANPA volunteer or worked on a committee? I have been on the awards committee for 4 years and the chair person of that committee for the past 2.

5) What particular expertise and/or qualities would you bring to the NANPA Board?
I am a full time photographer. As such I am perhaps more aware of today’s challenges that we photographers face everyday. The skill set I have developed through my years in business have served me well. My strengths are:

1) Setting goals and completing these tasks
2) Highly defined communication skills
3) Strong business background
4) Understanding the need of both full time, part time and hobbyists in our ever changing photographic arena
5) My ability to look to the future, and look at the big picture, as well as short term needs.

6) NANPA is a young organization experiencing amazing growth. To help bring about a successful passage into maturity, every member of the Board is required to put in considerable time and effort. Will you be able to participate fully and actively? If you are self-employed, can you afford to take time away from your business? If you are an employee, or in some other way connected to an organization, will your job responsibilities allow you the freedom to attend to NANPA business?

I travel quite a lot in my photographic endeavors. However, it it primary for my personal, as well as business life to check and respond to emails and phone calls daily. I set my own schedule, usually a year + in advance. There is nothing that can affect my ability to attend meeting, conference calls etc as long as they are not last minute events. I feel that I would not have any more time conflicts than any of the current board members have.

7) How would you use your abilities to further the NANPA mission: "to provide education, foster professionalism and ethical conduct, gather and disseminate information, and develop standards for all persons interested in the field of nature photography. NANPA further seeks to promote nature photography as an art form and a medium of communication for the sciences, nature appreciation, and environmental protection." Do not address the entire mission, but only those aspects that align with your own know-how, interests, and goals.

I consider myself to be a nature photography educator. Frankly, I already do all of the above within my photographic workshops. Adhering to these standards is the responsibility of all of workshop leaders.. My workshops attendees can attest that every one of the stated NANPA mission goals, stated above are addressed on every workshop. It is my job, as a workshop leader, educator to address these facets of photography.

Specifically my skill set is very focused on the education aspect of nature photography. To me, education is comprised of both technical skills, as well as encouraging others in the ethical and professional aspects of nature photography. For example, I would envision an “Educational Committee” and merge the road shows and regional events, etc. into that arena.

8) How do you envision NANPA's role in the future of nature photography? How would you further that role?

I envision NANPA to be the steward of nature photography. NANPA must be an advocate for nature photographers, striving to meet the challenges we photographers face every day. In addition, it is primary that we educate not only the current base of nature photographers, but the next generation. In the digital age of photography, and as someone who is in constant contact with both professional and amateur photographers, I see the need for constant education in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of nature photography now more than ever.

Photographers can attain education from a lot of different areas, but not in one place. NANPA can provide that with the right direction.

Nature photography has been recognized as an art form since the early part of the 20th century going back to the days of Alfred Stieglitz. With the advent of the internet, and the explosion and sales of digital cameras, it seems like everyone is making photographs. I see many photographers and few artists. NANPA should be at the forefront in taking our “art” to the next level.

9) Why do you want to serve on the NANPA Board of Directors? If elected, what would you personally like to accomplish during your term on the NANPA Board?

In the past few years, I feel that NANPA has lacked the proper direction in communicating its mission to the nature photography community. I would like the opportunity to change that. For example, as of today, the up coming summit in Jacksonville is not even on the home page of the NANPA website.

If not already in place, I feel the board should develop short term and long-term goals. With that in mind, my goals would be:

1) I would like to work with the board to develop an awareness of NANPA’s presence in the nature photography community. I always ask my workshop attendees if they know of NANPA. I would say one in 5 do. This has to change. NANPA needs to be a relevant organization for every nature photographer, weather pro, amateur or hobbyist. NANPA needs to communicate what it stands for, why everyone should be a member and the value of membership to the nature photography community. In doing so, increased membership will follow, and the future of NANPA will be insured. I would like to be part of making that happen again.

2) As part of the previous goal, NANPA need to expand its education, environmental and advocacy programs for all nature photographers. As well, I would like to be part of that.

3) I would recommend the development of regional NANPA organizations. (i.e. Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Central. Rocky Mountain, Southwest, Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii etc. This would offer even more incentive for groups to meet, have NANPA events, and increased NANPA awareness.

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