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NANPA 2015 Board of Directors Candidate

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Steve Gettle

Steve Gettle

Wilderness Images
Brighton, Michigan

1) Give us a brief overview of your job, photographic, educational, volunteer, organizational board/committee skills, etc.

During my career as a nature photographer I have been involved in virtually every aspect of the business including, stock photography, workshop/photo tour leader, travelling the country doing juried fine art shows, and owning and operating a photographic art gallery. Additionally, I spend a considerable amount of time teaching nature photography and lecturing around the country. In this capacity I speak with virtually thousands of nature photographers each year, so I am intimately aware of their needs, challenges, and concerns.

In addition to my nature photography business I started my own construction company which became a multi-million dollar corporation. As the head of the company I managed people, budgets and projects. Running an organization like NANPA is very much like operating a business and requires many of the same skills - common sense, business sense, communication skills, and the ability to work with others.

2) How long have you been an active member of NANPA?

I became an active member of NANPA a few years ago with the intention of becoming heavily involved in the organization.

3) What Summits/Forums have you attended?

I attended the Jacksonville Summit

4) Have you served as a NANPA volunteer or worked on a committee?

During my brief time with NANPA I have organized and led a Regional Road Show Event and volunteered as a professional mentor for the College Scholarship Program.

5) What particular expertise and/or qualities would you bring to the NANPA Board?

I am a hard working self-starter. I work well with others, and communicate well. I excel at taking seemingly overwhelming projects and breaking them up into manageable tasks. I have an extensive business background and can manage both people and projects. My daily interaction with other photographers has given me insight into their unique needs.

6) NANPA is a young organization experiencing amazing growth. To help bring about a successful passage into maturity, every member of the Board is required to put in considerable time and effort. Will you be able to participate fully and actively? If you are self-employed, can you afford to take time away from your business? If you are an employee, or in some other way connected to an organization, will your job responsibilities allow you the freedom to attend to NANPA business?

"If you want to get something done ask someone who is busy". This phrase speaks to responsibility and duty, people who are busy, are busy because they take responsibilities seriously. They are committed to their commitments if you will. If I am elected to the board it is a responsibility and a duty that I will take very seriously, I will be fully committed to the needs of the organization.

7) How would you use your abilities to further the NANPA mission: "to provide education, foster professionalism and ethical conduct, gather and disseminate information, and develop standards for all persons interested in the field of nature photography. NANPA further seeks to promote nature photography as an art form and a medium of communication for the sciences, nature appreciation, and environmental protection." Do not address the entire mission, but only those aspects that align with your own know-how, interests, and goals.

One of the opportunities I would like to explore with NANPA would be to help find and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other groups and organizations. I would like to use my bridge building abilities to explore and create some of these types of partnerships. Additionally, being a newer member I will bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

8) How do you envision NANPA's role in the future of nature photography? How would you further that role?

I feel NANPA has positioned itself to be the voice of nature photography. I feel it is imperative that that the organization accurately and efficiently represents the needs and desires of its membership. I would like to see NANPA be an advocate for nature photographers and their rights, as well as explore more ways to be a steward for the natural world we all love.

9) Why do you want to serve on the NANPA Board of Directors? If elected, what would you personally like to accomplish during your term on the NANPA Board?

Nature photography has given me a lifestyle and experiences that most people can only dream of. I want to give back to that which has given me so much.

In the past decade digital technology has made nature photography more accessible to a much larger audience. If elected to the board one of my goals would be to increase membership. More members gives NANPA a larger voice, more resources, and a greater ability to accomplish the organizations goals.

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