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NANPA Summit 2009 - Naturally Funny Program

Each year, members are encouraged to submit nature photos that highlight the humorous side of the natural world. The funniest images are selected by committee and presented to the membership for captioning.

Members then submit their funny captions for these images and the hilarious results are presented to the Summit attendees one evening. Following is the web-version of this year's Naturally Funny Program. Prizes (graciously donated by Microsoft, Hoodman and Canon, USA) were awarded to the winners who are present.

Photo by Tom Ulrich
"I heard everyone is "going green" nowadays . . . what do you think?" - Janie Vielma
"Oh man, I just rented this tux.." - Jeff Nutkowitz
"I told you not to put the avocado in the blender." - Judy Wilson
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