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2010 Member's Photo Show Videos -

To give you an idea what the Summit Photo Show is all about, here are five presentations from last year's show. The theme was "Discovery" and these five photographers exemplify the variety and content we look for. Whatever level of photographer you are, every NANPA member has a story to tell and the Summit Photo Show is the place to tell it!

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Erika Nortemann Photo Show - Click to Play

Erika Nortemann - "I Love Oysters! (Who Knew?!)"

They're not cute. They're definitely not cuddly. And personally? I don't even think they taste very good. But through my work with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Oyster Restoration Center, I've discovered that the Eastern oyster is an uncharismatic species with a powerful story. These oysters are inspiring people around the Chesapeake Bay to take action on their behalf. And what started as a photography project to document the restoration efforts of a speices in trouble, has turned into a new passion for me. I've found my own kind of love for these bivalves and through the lens of my camera, I'm doing my part to help save them.

Doug Otto Photo Show - Click to Play

Doug Otto - "Discovering the Already Discovered"

Three and one half years ago I "discovered" Yosemite. My first impressions began a journey of truly discovering Yosemite. I learned to make new and fresh images in one of the most heavily photographed locations on Earth. From breaking down scenes into their essential components to learning to trust the camera to record things invisible to the eye, I was inspired to look beyond the obvious in my photography.

Marie Read Photo Show - Click to Play

Marie Read - "Australia's Birdlife: From Beautiful to Bizarre"

I invite you to turn back your seasonal clock and journey with me to the land on the other side of the earth where it's summer in February, Australia - where your concept of what makes a familiar bird will be turned on its head. We'll meet birds from the beautiful to the bizarre: the multi-colored Rainbow Lorikeet clinging upside down to feed on nectar, the Comb-crested Jacana walking on lily-pads and the huge, flightless Southern Cassowary with its strange blue and red facial decorations.

John Snell Photo Show - Click to Play

John Snell - "Through Different Eyes"

When my first book, "Red River Gorge, The Eloquent Landscape," was published in 2006, it included a chapter entitled "Through Different Eyes." I wanted to stress to readers that many of my images went beyond the postcard look we all aspire to during the formative years of our photography, and that there was a serendipity... a fascination with discovering new ways of seeing old subjects...that enriched me and brought newness to my portfolio. I'm "in the field," camera in hand, as much as possible, because being there holds the promise that something new and exciting might present itself, and I don't want to miss it!

Jeff Yonover Photo Show - Click to Play

Jeff Yonover - "Underwater Revelations"

My two underwater sequences captured in Indonesia truly convey the theme of "discovery". One is an unexpected interaction between a jellyfish and a fish I was lucky enough to encounter on one dive. The other sequence features an underwater pecking order with a surprising winner.

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