Meetup Groups


Meet nature photographers in your area, discover great places to shoot, and adventure out together.


What are NANPA Meetups?

NANPA Meetup Groups are a way for people to meet up locally and to photograph nature together. The Meetup Groups are led by NANPA members, but you don’t have to be a NANPA member to attend an event. Most events are FREE and all events are FUN!

How Do I Find a Meetup Near Me?

Check the list below. If you don’t see your area listed and are interested in forming a group in your area, please contact for more information.

How Do I Sign Up?

Easy!  Step 1: Set up an account with  Step 2: Join the NANPA Meetup Group near you. You will get notified of all the meetup events and can signup to attend them through the website.

Current NANPA Meetup Groups

NortheastWashington, DCMeetup Group of National Capital Area
NortheastNY/NJMeetup Group of New York & New Jersey
SoutheastNCMeetup Group of Western North Carolina
SouthwestAZMeetup Group of Arizona
SouthwestTXMeetup Group of East Texas-Houston
SouthwestTXMeetup Group of North Texas
CentralOKMeetup Group of Oklahoma City
WestAKMeetup Group of South Central Alaska
WestCAMeetup Group of Central Coast of California
WestCAMeetup Group of Southern California
WestMTMeetup Group of Northwest Montana

If you are interested in leading a meetup group in your area, please email

All Meetup Group photos on this page contributed by Paul Hassell