About NANPA Showcase


NANPA Showcase Photo Competition- the top nature photography contest exclusively  for NANPA members.

Each year, the Top 250 photos are selected by a jury panel from thousands of images sent in by our members for the Showcase competition. These represent some of the best work NANPA members produce. Each week 7 photos are selected from the top 100 Showcase images to appear on the front page of NANPA’s website and all 250 are available for viewing below. The NANPA Showcase Competition opens August 1 each year, with winners being notified by November 1. Learn more

View the top 250 images from the 2019 NANPA Showcase.


More than 3,600 images were submitted to the 2019 Showcase competition from nearly 400 NANPA members, and the Top 250 images have been published in the 2019 NANPA Expressions journal. The judges were Melissa Groo, George Lepp and the team of Joe and Mary Ann McDonald. There were two top prizes in each of five categories (Best of Show and First Runner-Up) and ten Judges’ Choice awards. In addition to appearing in Expressions, all 250 of the selected images will be on the NANPA website for a year. The Top 100 scoring images are featured in the “Images for the Week” slideshow on NANPA’s website home page. Expressions is divided into the five categories from the competition: Mammals, Birds, Scapes, Altered Reality, and Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife.