About NANPA Showcase

NANPA Showcase Photo Competition- the top nature photography contest exclusively  for NANPA members.

Each year, the Top 250 photos are selected by a jury panel from thousands of images sent in by our members for the Showcase competition. These represent some of the best work NANPA members produce. Each week 7 photos are selected from the top 100 Showcase images to appear on the front page of NANPA’s website and all 250 are available for viewing below. The NANPA Showcase Competition opens August 1 each year, with winners being notified by November 1. Learn more

The 2020 Showcase competition opens August 1. Entries will be accepted until September 16, 2019 at 11:00pm EDT.

Conservation Category Added for 2020! Conservation has been added as a sixth prize-winning category to the Showcase competition this year. This category is for a single image that illustrates a conservation issue, positive or negative, and illustrate the value of conserving a species, a place, an ecosystem, etc. for the benefit of wild and/or human communities. Each entry must include a caption that explains the issue, yet one shouldn’t have to read the caption to know there’s something different about it. The caption can add a full understanding about what’s going on in the image. Learn more about the new conservation category.