Dennis Fast | Best in Show, Altered Reality

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

  • ALTERED REALITY: Best in Show © Dennis Fast
  • Birds by Dennis Fast
  • MACRO-MICRO: Top 100 © Dennis Fast
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  • 2020-Showcase-Top 250-Macro Micro
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  • Dennis Fast - 2019-12-22 22-21-00 - DRFAST PEBBLE BEACH 4294
  • Dennis Fast - DRF HUDSON BAY 101

About Dennis

I am fortunate to live in Southern Manitoba not too far from the best place in the world to photograph polar bears—Churchill on Hudson Bay. Having a career in public school education allowed me to spend summers chasing wildlife. Retirement allowed me to switch from enthusiastic hobbyist to part time professional photographer.

I became quite serious about photography in the 1980’s when I started to lead photography workshops for the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. Not long after, I became a guide for Churchill Wild in polar bear country and the bears have become my favorite animal ever since.

One morning in May, when I was 10 or 11 and on my way to school, I encountered a Chestnut-sided Warbler at eye level and only a few feet away. It was a life-changing experience that led me into a serious birding passion.

Eventually, I realized that I was missing glorious opportunities to photograph amazing birds and animals and soon a wildlife photographer was born.

My growing interest in photography led me to a 12 day workshop on the Queen Charlotte Islands (now Haida Gwaii) with one of my most inspiring mentors, Freeman Patterson. His creative vision is legendary.

I discovered then that “Beauty is everywhere if you look, but it begins first of all in the heart.”

Visit to explore more of Dennis’s work.

As a NANPA Member

I was a member of NANPA quite a few years ago but let my membership lapse. Two years ago I decided to rejoin, and this is my first Showcase experience since then.

Living in Canada makes it difficult to get involved, but I’m glad to be a member with so many great and enthusiastic photographers who love and respect nature.