Jennifer Leigh Warner | Judges’ Choice, Conservation

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

About Jennifer

I am a California based full-time wildlife conservation photographer. I started working as a nature photographer in 2005 after I graduated collage with a B.A. in Communications. I started working full-time in nature photography in 2017.

I spend most of my time working on projects involving nature photography ethics and human-wildlife conflicts. I really enjoy photographing megafauna such as bears and big cats and find myself spending much of my time in places like Wyoming where I can see the grand landscapes with the iconic wildlife that call this place home.

I have been passionate about nature photography since I was about 8 years old. What keeps me interested in photography is my passion for making a difference in the lives of wild animals and wild places. I believe that photography plays a critical role in getting people to care about preserving these animals and the places that they live in.

When I was first starting out I attended a workshop called Photography at the Summit, since then I attending the same workshop five times and was asked to join the staff during the 2018 season. Through this workshop I met some of my most influential mentors such as Melissa Groo, Morgan Heim, Michael Forsberg, and Dave Showalter. As I have progressed in my career other mentors emerged such as Sebastian Kennerknecht, Suzi Eszterhas, and Steve Winter.

Explore more of Jennifer’s work at or follow her on Facebook @ExpWildlife.

As a NANPA Member

I joined NANPA in 2016 and shortly after joining was asked to serve as a member of the Ethics Committee. In 2018 I became the Ethics Committee Chair.

In 2017 I was a Lightning Talk presenter. In 2018 I was a presenter for the NANPA Nature Celebration in Jackson Hole. In 2019 I was a presenter for the NANPA Summit Conference in Las Vegas. I will be co-leading a Regional Event in Grand Teton National Park in fall of 2020.

One of my images made top 100 in the 2017 NANPA Showcase, and one made top 250 in 2019. This year, in addition to my Judges Choice Conservation image, I had another image make top 250 for the Landscape category.