Keith Bauer | Best in Show, Birds

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

About Keith

I am based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I retired from a rewarding career at a National Laboratory in 2017 and have been able to devote more time to nature photography as a part-time professional teaching at Bosque Del Apache and Chile. 

I’ve been an avid nature photographer since the early 1990s, but have been involved with photography since the 1970s.  My favorite subjects are tremendously varied, but include wildlife, landscapes, macro, and night photography.  In North America, I’d have to say that Yellowstone is my favorite photographic destination.

My journey with photography started in a black and white darkroom in high school.

Through my college years I spent summers working in a professional studio doing portraits, weddings, and commercial photography.  While there, I took a lot of photos and worked in the darkroom creating B&W as well as color prints. 

When the world of digital photography became a reality, I found it a perfect marriage of computing and photography—as my academic background is in computer science.  I quickly embraced the digital world and became an instructor in digital post processing.

Explore more of Keith’s work at Follow him on Instagram @KeithCBauer or Facebook @Keith.Bauer.7.

As a NANPA Member

I joined NANPA in 2008. I’ve been recognized in the Showcase 9 of the last 12 years. In the 2013 Showcase, I received Top 10 recognition (that was what it was called then).