Newton Hightower | First Runner-Up, Mammals

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

About Newton

I live in Arroyo Grande, California, and enjoy nature photography as a very enthusiastic hobbyist. I have been photographing nature for about five years. Some of my favorite subjects include things with wings—usually birds. One of my favorite locations to photograph is in the Rio Grande Valley of Deep South Texas.

Bird watching came before nature photography for me.

However, that quickly changed when I tried to photograph birds and didn’t get what I saw in the viewfinder. I knew I needed to get help to achieve this. I met one of my mentors, Ruth Hoyt, on my first trip to south Texas and learning from her and others has kept me very interested in nature photography.

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As a NANPA Member

I joined NANPA just a few years ago, and my involvement has mostly been through attending NANPA regional events. I have never been recognized in a previous Showcase, so this was quite a surprise for me!