Scott Trageser | Best in Show, Conservation

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

Scott Trageser with Pangolin

About Scott

I live an itinerant lifestyle chasing jobs and opportunities as a professional photographer and conservationist with The Biodiversity Group and the Creative Conservation Alliance, so I am never based anywhere long.

Bangladesh tends to offer the most exciting photographic experiences as the country is impossible to predict, colorful in every sense of the word, and new species are begging to be discovered. However, for remote, expedition-style discovery and photography, nothing beats Ecuador, in my humble opinion.

Connecting photography and wildlife came about from my university herpetology class in 2008, where it was suggested to bring a camera to document findings. Ever since then, cameras have been one of my primary tools to affect change in the world.

It would have taken me far less time to reach this level in photography if I had ever taken a class, had a mentor, or even had the information available as it is today, but alas, a copious amount of trial and error was what my path called for.

Explore more of Scott’s work at Follow him on Instagram @Scott.Trageser.Photo or Facebook @NatureStills.

As a NANPA Member

I have been a NANPA member since 2014 and have been featured as a Top 100 or Top 250 finalist in several Showcases, but this is my first “Best in Category” with Showcase.