Stan Bysshe | Judges’ Choice, Birds

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

About Stan

I am retired and live in Northern Virginia; nature photography gets me out of the house. Friends would say I am a bird photographer, but I love all aspects of wildlife photography. I shoot a lot locally, but my favorite place is Yellowstone National Park, especially in the winter.

Early on most of my photographic time was spent underwater, and I learned a lot from a wonderful photographer/videographer, Mauricio Handler.

Now I have transitioned to land photography and have spent many hours learning about nature photography from two talented pros, Nikhil Bahl and Aaron Baggenstos.

It is pretty easy to stay involved with nature photography, because if you make the effort to get out and shoot, you are almost always rewarded.

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As a NANPA Member

I have been a NANPA member, I think, since 2015 and made my first Expressions in 2016 with an underwater image. Since then I have been lucky enough to have a top 100 image each year, two Birds and one Underwater.