Wiebe Gortmaker | Judges’ Choice, Mammals

2020 Showcase Top 24 Winner

About Wiebe

I am based in Boulder, Colorado and consider myself a full-time hobbyist. After retiring from the airlines, I have devoted a high percentage of my time to travel and learning photography.

In the past few years I have moved from travel photography to primarily wildlife and landscape photography. Prior to the airlines, I spent considerable time in remote areas of Alaska and Central and South America. I am now able to revisit those places with a focus on photography.

I have lived in Colorado since college and spent a lot of time flying, hiking, and climbing in the wild places in my back yard.

With my new hobby I am looking at these places in a new way, trying to preserve the image and feelings I have of the wildlife and landscape. This process motivates me to learn and discover.

Wiebe is concentrating on his photography at this time and is not currently active on social media. He does plan to have a website together in the near future.

As a NANPA Member

I have been a NANPA member for about two years. After reading many articles in Outdoor Photographer by Melissa Groo, Amy Gulick, George Lepp, William Neill and especially a conservation article by local Dave Showalter, I joined NANPA. I have never served as an officer, a volunteer, or on a committee. Other than my local camera club, the Showcase 2020 competition is the first competition I have entered.