NANPA Showcase 2020

Wow! 421 members entered 3,868 images into the Showcase 2020 competition.

Judging has been completed and all entrants have been notified as to how their images placed. Images finishing in the Top 250 will be available for viewing on the NANPA website by mid-January in a gallery of the images.

Thanks to everyone who entered Showcase!


Our Showcase 2020 Jury Panel
The judges listed below will judge entries in the standard 5 Showcase categories. A separate panel of 3 judges who focus on conservation photography will judge the conservation category entries. Those judges are Karine Aigner, Amy Gulick and Boyd Norton. View information on our conservation category judges.   

Daisy Gilardini – Daisy Gilardini is a conservation photographer who specializes in the polar regions, with a particular emphasis on Antarctic wildlife and North American bears. She is from Switzerland originally, and is now based in Vancouver, Canada. Gilardini’s images have been published internationally in leading magazines such as National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, Nature’s Best and Outdoor Photography. Her images have also been used by high-profile NGOs such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund, among others. Since 2018, she has been a photographer in residence with Canadian Geographic. Her work has been recognized by some of the world’s most prestigious photography awards, including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photography of the Year and the Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards. To learn more about Daisy and her work, please visit

Pat, Tom and Scout © Laura Leeson

Team of Tom & Pat Leeson – Tom and Pat Leeson, one of the earliest husband and wife wildlife photography
teams in the USA, are master visual storytellers for wildlife. Their passion is capturing intimate and in-depth wildlife behavior, recording key behaviors in every season and compiling a complete story package on each species. These story packages appear regularly in wildlife publications and books around the world. They worked in partnership with National Geographic Society, National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, BBC, GEO magazines (German, USA, and Korean) as well as with numerous corporate clients including Nikon, Nike, American Airlines, Boeing. In their 45 years in the field, they created more than 30 books for children and numerous large-format photobooks. Their highly awarded, limited-edition book, THE AMERICAN EAGLE, became a Presidential Gift of State when it was presented to Queen Elizabeth by President George H. Bush at the White House. Tom and Pat received a NANPA Fellow Award in 2004 and named Photographer of the Year in 2016 by Ranger Rick Magazine.

Photo by Kathryn Vincent Lepp

George Lepp – One of North America’s best-known contemporary outdoor and nature photographers and a leader in the field of digital imaging, George Lepp is the author of many books and hundreds of nationally and internationally published articles about the creative, ethical, and technical aspects of nature photography. He is field editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine, where his “Tech Tips” column is widely read. His photography is extensively published and exhibited, and represented by Getty Images, Corbis, AgStock, and Photo Researchers. Lepp is one of the first members of Canon USA’s Explorers of Light program, featuring the industry’s most influential photographers. He has presented hundreds of lectures and led workshops all over the world, and often serves as a judge of international photography competitions. A founder and fellow of the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA), Lepp has won many awards for his work, including Photo Media’s Photography Person of the Year and the Photographic Society of America’s prestigious Progress Award. First trained in wildlife and wildlands management, Lepp later earned a BA and honorary MSc from Brooks Institute of Photography. George and his wife and collaborator, Kathryn Vincent Lepp, live in Bend, Oregon and can be contacted at