NANPA Showcase Q&A

As we add new features and rules to the annual Showcase competition, questions are bound to arise that we did not address directly elsewhere. These are a few examples and we’ll be adding more as we learn more. If your question is not covered here, please contact the Showcase coordinator at –

Q: When do the images need to have been taken? Is there a time limit?
A: There is no time limit as to when photos were taken.


Q: What category do underwater photos belong in?
A: Underwater images go in the “Scapes” category unless the subject is wildlife (fish, invertebrates, etc.). In that case, it goes in “Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife.”


Q: I have a photo of an insect, close up, within its rainforest habitat shot at ground level. I can see this going in Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife, but it could just as easily go in Scapes since it shows the insect’s habitat. Do you have a preference?
A: Consider entering it in Scapes when habitat is a strong element of primary interest of the image. It wouldn’t be wrong in either category, so you must use your judgment.


Q: Can a Best of Show award winner also be a Judges’ Choice and/or Category winner? More generally, does winning in one of the award categories exclude you from the rest?
A: Winning in one award category excludes you from winning in the others. Judges’ Choice awards are selected at the end of judging and the judges consider only images that have not received awards.


Q: Where can I submit people doing things outdoors – like fishing, canoeing, camping, bird watching?
A: The larger view of these images would go into Scapes… provided they show the landscape and the people and their activity are not the only thing of interest in the picture. In fact, people images are only accepted into the competition if they are not the primary point of interest. Image examples: a foggy morning and a loon pair on a lake with a man looking out on the scene from a chair on the dock with his feet in the water (this image could go in Scapes or Birds); mountain climbers ascending Mt. Rainier (also, Scapes); a photographer on the hood of a moving vehicle filming running cheetahs (Mammals).


Q: I have several abstract images that I’d like to submit but they are often blurs or lines and there’s no indication that they are animals, vegetable or mineral. What category should I submit these in??
A: ​If the actual subject is a scape, submit the image in Scapes; if it is a mammal or a bird, submit in Mammal or Bird; and if it’s a Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife subject, submit it in Macro/Micro/All Other Wildlife. ​Check the description for Altered Reality to see if your image is abstract enough through extreme processing or manipulation to fit in this category.​


Q: Is it permissible to remove an offending leaf or piece of grass?
A: Since the rules state that “entries that do not accurately reflect the subject matter and scene as it appeared when captured with the camera must be designated as Photo Illustration,” when content is added or removed from an image, it must be designated as a photo illustration when you enter it. It’s okay to touch up dust spots or scratches (from film). It may or may not be possible for you to crop out the leaf or piece of grass, but that’s another option.


Q: As there are to be no identifying marks or embedded IDs, do I need to eliminate the IPTC info?
A: No need to eliminate IPTC info. Our only concern is that when the judges view images there are not embedded photo credits or other identifying info. You’d be surprised how often that happens!


To enter your photos, login to the Members’ Area and click “Annual NANPA Showcase Entries.

For further information about Showcase, contact the Showcase Coordinator at