ViewBug Photo Contests


NANPA has partnered with ViewBug to host some of the world’s best photo contests judged by world-renowned photographers.

NANPA contests

Man In Nature
Judge: Jeff Vanuga
“At first glance, the image appears to be a snapshot of a diver and Canopener but there is so much more to this photograph.” – Jeff Vanuga 

Fabulous Foliage
Judge: Brenda Tharp
“This image has such impact! I’m glad the photographer put the horizon just above dead center in the frame, to add a little more emphasis to the water reflection. The swans were a great touch – how lucky! This captures the quintessential feeling of a waterfront village in Autumn’s splendor. I makes me want to be there now!!” – Brenda Tharp

Unique Landscapes
Judge: Jack Graham
“What a great foreground that tells us where the photographer is and what it’s like being there. The light is superbly controlled. I love the back lit wheat bowing in the wind. Yes, we know its Tuscany but this is a very different looking image from an iconic part of the world. The combination of story, exposure, composition and feeling makes this my grand Prize Winner.” – Jack Graham

Birds of a Feather
Judge: Melissa Groo
“I chose this photo as the overall winner because it so beautifully captures the decisive moment.” – Melissa Groo

Winter Landscapes
Judge: Hank Erdmann
“Exquisite composition and exposure equals award winning imagery!” – Hank Erdmann