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11-11-2013, 08:52 PM
Head out aboard the Jack Flash to capture vivid images of endangered whooping cranes. This tour includes space for five (5) on two boat-based morning shoots designed to catch the cranes at their most active, feasting upon the Gulf-Coast bounty.

With Jeff’s guidance take a variety of incredible photographs as you watch the behavior of these unique birds—the last descendants of nature’s only totally wild flock—in their own habitat along Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. See juveniles interact with their parents. Wonder at the birds’ size and elegant gawkiness. Smile at the sound of their trumpeting calls. Capture fantastic images of these fantastic birds pulling blue crabs up from the mud of the estuary bottom.

The boat we’ll utilize has been set up with the special needs of wildlife photographers in mind. Get creative as you choose which of three decks to work from. Our captain is careful to respect the birds’ needs but still knows how to get photographers close enough for the great shots.

Work from your choice of three decks, which allow you to creatively focus on these magnificent animals from myriad angles. And never fear~~Jack Flash has a restroom and enclosed cabin so you can take a breather if desired.

The boat leaves from the Rockport area both mornings of our tour about ½ hour before sunrise so you’ll want to stay in Rockport or Port Aransas for the weekend. (Lodging not included in the tour).

TOUR includes two (2) extensive boat-based photo shoots on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25TH & SUNDAY, JANUARY 26TH, 2014 with afternoons spent around Rockport shooting brown pelicans, shorebirds, shrimp boats, etc.

click for more info (http://jeffparkerimages.com/joinme/whooping-crane-photo-tour/)

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2 spaces remaining!

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1 spot left

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Do you sill have one spot left? I am very interested in it,if so. However i have been unable to connect with your web site. Please respond since I can not seem to connect with you. gretchen kaplan mgk45@mac.com

12-08-2013, 02:54 PM
Yep, still have one opening. Email sent.

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SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for the 2015 version.