View Full Version : Some of the Best Places for Fall Scenery in West Virginia

09-18-2009, 10:47 PM
Some of the best places to take Fall Foliage Pictures in West Virginia

Grist Mill at Babcock State Park
http://www.forestwander.com/wp-content/main/2009_01/gristmill-text.JPG (http://www.forestwander.com/2009/01/glade-creek-gristmill-sunset/)

Spruce Knob Early Morning Fall Sunrise
http://www.forestwander.com/wp-content/main/2009_01/Spruce-knob-morning-sky-12.jpg (http://www.forestwander.com/2009/01/spruce-knob-morning-sky-12/)

Father and Son on top of North Fork Mountain
http://www.forestwander.com/wp-content/main/2009_01/Troy-Rusty_North_Fork_Mountain.jpg (http://www.forestwander.com/2009/01/troy-rusty-north-fork-mountain/)

Cheat River below Cheat Mountain
http://www.forestwander.com/wp-content/main/2009_02/fall-creek-stones-trees.jpg (http://www.forestwander.com/2009/02/fall-creek-reflections-stones-trees/)

Deep in the Seneca Creek Forest
http://www.forestwander.com/wp-content/main/2009_01/seneca-creek-6.jpg (http://www.forestwander.com/2009/01/seneca-creek-6/)

Let me know if you want to know how to get to these places.

Some of them are not easy to get to and take several hours to reach, but those are the best places.

Let me know if you like these photos.

Thanks and God Bless!