View Full Version : WA Eagles, Wood Ducks and More, May 2014

nate chappell
02-01-2014, 09:23 PM
Join 2 award winning photographers and excellent instructors, Nate Chappell and Ken Archer, to photograph dozens of Bald Eagles as they feed on stranded fish at low tide at Hood Canal, WA. Fights between eagles and herons and among eagles over fish are common here and it's an excellent location to get beautiful flight photos of Bald Eagles with the Olympic Mountains in the background. We will spend each morning photographing the eagles where we will have access to both public and private tidelands for shooting. We will also take one afternoon boat trip to see and photograph Orcas and seabirds such as Rhinoceros Auklet. Lastly we will spend 2 afternoons photographing Wood Ducks and Northwest songbirds. Nate will give presentations on photographing birds in the wild and using flash for bird photography. The cost of the workshop including lodging and transportation is $1,795, $200 single supplement. The fee for a nonphotographer spouse or companion to attend is only $500.

To see the details of the workshop see http://www.trogontours.net/wa_eagles. To see a gallery of photos from this location see http://www.trogontours.net/galleries/eagles . To register for this workshop email Nate Chappell at nchappell@trogontours.net or call him at 281-778-1486