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03-20-2010, 01:54 PM

June 18 - 25, 2010 Daniel has photographed grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska for well over a decade. His experience photographing these incredible animals will give you opportunities for your own photographs that you'll find hard to believe. The opportunities are endless!

A new destination fly-in lodge has been chosen for 2010. We have decided to share this exceptional bear viewing location with our guests. No permits are needed and no viewing platforms are used. Peaceful encounters with these magnificent giants of the north...

The trip begins with a night in Anchorage with a planned "welcome" group dinner. The next morning we will leave by charter plane to our fly-in lodge.

The full-service lodge is located on private land on a pristine wilderness stream with mountain backdrops. Our small group of 5 guests makes it easy to go find the best locations for optimum photography.

Accommodations vary depending on whether you are in the Main Lodge or Cabins. All rooms will have either 1 queen or 2 twins with private bath or bath shared between two rooms.

The menu features local seafood including salmon, halibut, clams and mussels, as well as fresh greens and herbs from their garden. It is not uncommon for a bear to appear on the meadow in from of the lodge during dinnertime, completing the ultimate Alaska dining experience. Three meals a day are cooked by their resident chef along with home-made breads and desserts created by the resident baker.

There is a sauna and a lounge that offers a complimentary computer with CD burner and card readers. There is wireless internet to and most will have cell service if they wish to bring their cell phones:) A wood fireplace is located in the lounge to enjoy during any rainy days.

Twice daily you will venture out with Daniel to photograph the bears in nearby areas. Time out will be determined upon best light and weather conditions. We hope to encounter family groups and individual bears of all sizes. The extended daylight of the Alaska summer allows for long hours, with some of our best shooting taking place well into the evening.

Daniel prefers to help each guest learn how to take better images on the individual basis. Everyone has different skills and knowledge of photography. He will sit down and go over camera & software questions etc you may have verses having formal workshop sessions. He feels it is best to learn in the field one on one with each guests needs.

Natural Exposures tries to make each trip feel like an enjoyable vacation with great photo opportunities by going to great locations. We hope each person goes home with incredible photos, new photography tips and memories of an experience of a lifetime.

On June 25 we will return by charter plane to Anchorage for your flight home. Typical time of departure is at 9am - 1 hour flight with beach landing during low tide.

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