View Full Version : Thailand January 2011

nate chappell
09-11-2010, 11:06 PM
I will be leading a trip to photograph the birds, mammals and other wildlife of Thailand from January 9-23, 2011. We led the same trip in 2009 and had wonderful opportunities with a large number of forest birds at close range as well as gibbons, deer, monkeys and reptiles. We will stop at 5 different national parks and sanctuaries in Central and Northern Thailand. Come and enjoy the birds, animals, culture and food of Thailand with me next January. We currently have 3 spaces open. Cost of the trip is $3,900 inclusive from Bangkok.

To see the details of the trip view http://www.trogontours.net/thailand. To see a few of my images from our tour there in January 2009 please see http://www.trogontours.net/thailandgallery