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09-20-2010, 06:09 PM
I'd welcome your recommendations for business management and/or accounting software suitable for a single-person start-up photography business, including factors to consider when evaluating software packages.

In particular, I'd be interested in reactions to Oranged Software's all-in-one business software package, called "Studiometry." See: http://www.oranged.net/studiometry/

Just FYI, I'm a Mac user, but this package is both Apple Mac and Wintel compatible.

Further FYI -- I don't know to what extent this may affect your advice: I intend to have two facets to my business, each with it's own web site. One site will focus on my true passion of nature/travel/cultural photography. There will be a humanitarian component to this aspect of my business. The other will focus on State-side lifestyle portraiture. The latter will provide a more reliable income stream, while the former gets up and running.

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

Jeff Kennedy