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Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park

September 8-15, 2012

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World famous Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park are two of the most exciting places in the United States to photograph landscapes and wildlife. Two magnificent national parks that are a must see on any nature photographers list. Join us as we explore these two great parks and surrounding areas.

The Greater Yellowstone ecosystem is a mountainous region bisected by the continental divide. Several peaks like Grand Teton are over 13000 feet. Powerful geological forces created this landscape.

Fall is a great time to visit as the huge summer crowds and traffic jams are gone. Wildlife is more abundant. It is the time of year when many other professional photographers and videographers visit the park annually.

We will start and end this tour with Grand Teton National Park. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and photographed. It is amazing with its beautiful mountains and reflections. The Tetons are one of the most famous skylines. Millions of photos appear in millions of magazines, television ads, postcards, book covers, and calendars. The Teton skyline rises abruptly above Jackson Hole which is where our hotel is based.

Yellowstone has one the great concentration of thermal activity. It is home to the famous Old Faithful. It also has beautiful rivers, geysers, springs, mudpots, waterfalls, canyons, ponds, and mountains. Vibrant leaves of aspen and cottonwood show off their fall color. We will visit a gorge carved by time and water that some people think rivals the Grand Canyon.

Yellowstone and Grant Teton National parks are the première wildlife viewing areas in the US. Creatures great and small await us at almost every corner. We will be visiting the parks during the rut for elk, moose, and pronghorn. This is a great time to photograph great wildlife behavior like courtship, territorial displays, sparing. The elk will bugle, spar, and herd cows this time of year. Other species that are commonly photographed as moose, bison, big horned sheep, mule deer, coyotes, wolves, and bears. The mammals will have their prime winter fur since they are getting ready for the harsh winter ahead. We will look for trumpeter swans and great grey owls or whatever else we discover.

Our itinerary will be planned around recent wildlife activity and weather conditions. We need to take advantage of the unique opportunities. This tour is pretty intense. The days are long, typically starting before dawn and ending after sunset. However, we typically will take a long lunch to rest and recuperate. Come and enjoy the autumn tranquility of this great ecosystem.


Sept 8-15, 2012


Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nationals Parks

Tour begins and ends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming we will pickup and dropoff people at airport.


$2350. Per person includes hotel (double occupancy), instruction, and transportation. Park admission and transportation.

For single occupancy it is an additional $300.

Deposit: $400
Balance Due: August 1st
Payment can be made by check to Slonina Photography. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you prefer to use credit card you can call our office at (508) 839-5111 or use the paypal shopping carts on our website.


Saturday 8th: We will meet pick people up at the Jackson Airport. We will have an introductory meeting go over safety issues, recent wildlife sightings and behaviour. We also will discuss plans, goals and objectives for the upcoming week. We will do a sunset photoshoot.
Checkinn Jackson Hole Hotel

Sunday 9th: We will explore Grand Teton National Park. We will meet and be on location before the sun comes up to take advantage of the morning light and the peak wildlife activity. We will photograph the Snake River area. mountain ranges, and reflections and of course the wildlife. We will explore the park and conclude with a sunset photo shoot.

Monday 10th: Sunrise Grand Teton then mid day drive to Yellowstone National Park with many stops for the wildlife and scenery.

Tuesday 11th: Shoot sunrise to sunset with a few breaks for lunch and dinner. We will photograph the geysers, wildlife, waterfalls, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone etc.

Wednesday 12th:
Checkout hotel then Sunrise Shoot
Afternoon trip till Sunset

Thursday 13th: Sunrise to Sunset Yellowstone National Park. Explore the Lamar Valley (look for bears and wolves etc).

Friday 14th: Morning shoot Yellowstone then Checkout Hotel
Return to Grand Teton. Check into Jackson Area hotel and then afternoon shoot.

Saturday 15th: Early morning quick shoot and we will transport people to their afternoon flights
Some topics we cover

Who Should Attend:

Anyone with an interest in wildlife photography from a beginner to professional. Both Digital and Film shooters are welcome.

Group Size:

Our groups are small in size this one is limited to 6 people.

What's Included:
The hotel is included in this tour (7 nights stay).

Also included are gates fees and permits.
We also will be providing transportation including pickup and dropoff at Jackson Airport.

About Me:

John Slonina is a professional nature photographer who has been photographing for over 25 years. He estimates he has taken over 250,000 photos. John has a love of natural history as well. You will receive information on photo technique and the natural world. Understanding the natural world not only increases your appreciation of nature but also helps you become a better nature photographer.

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