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10-05-2011, 11:09 AM
Florida Bird Photography Tours - February 22th - 26th

Florida Bird Photography Tours is dedicated to delivering a large range of species around the state of Florida for you to benefit from.

Maxis Gamez (http://www.gvisions.org), a Floridian resident will not only help as a guide, but will also help deliver a diversity of photography tips and techniques so that you may take full advantage of every opportunity.

Tim Grey (http://www.timgrey.com/)is regarded as one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging, offering clear guidance on complex subjects through his writing and speaking. He loves learning as much as he possibly can about digital imaging, and he loves sharing that information even more.

Timís work combines several of his greatest passions: technology, teaching, photography, writing, and travel. All of these have been part of his life in some way for as long as he can remember, and became a major focus starting in high school. He has been focused on digital photography and imaging for over 10 years.

Join us in this one of a kind photography experience around the state of Florida!

Tour Tuition: $1,999. That's $400 per day!!!

Last Season Tour Gallery (http://www.gvisions.org/Newsletter/editions/Bird_Photography_Tour_2011.html)

To learn more about this exciting tour, please click here. (http://www.floridabirdphotographytours.com/workshop.html)

Thank you!