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ericbowles 09-11-2013 06:26 PM

What's the practical solution to Facebook?
Facebook has announced yet another use policy - one where they extend rights to include the ability to use your images and profile photo to support paid ads without permission or compensation.

The options are pretty simple:
  • You can stop using Facebook and remove all images.
  • You can watermark or otherwise make images unusable.
  • Or just accept this as a reasonable tradeoff and carry on.

I'm not sure the first two options are really viable. Facebook is a source of communication with clients, friends, and potential clients. It produces revenue. Google+ and other choices are incremental - not substitutes.

And putting a big watermark on images is just another way of showing unattractive photos - it is self defeating and hurts the photographer more than Facebook. Perhaps a big low opacity watermark in the center would still be useful in preventing printing while maintaining the ability to see the image.

It seems that the third option - accepting the tradeoff - is a better option. I'm getting a free service that I use to make money. If Facebook is going to advocate me and my images - mainly to my friends - that's probably not a big problem and the concerns are overblown.

I'm probably going to increase the size of my watermark as well - and decrease the size and resolution of posted images. I don't like the new Facebook policy - but I'm not really surprised and still believe the tradeoffs are okay. It's not that big a deal.

lizzbartlett 09-12-2013 01:03 PM

Facebook Policy
Yes, I too am reluctant to leave Facebook entirely. Rather than change my posting methods (resolutions change, etc.) I am limiting the amount of time any of the images I might care about stay on Facebook. I am also asking that no one who sees my image clicks on the "Share" button.

My reading of the policy is that once deleted from Facebook (this includes images that have been shared) Facebook no longer has the ability to use the image. I don't sell many images, so I am probably not at as much risk as photographers who make their living from sales. On the other hand, I would hate to not be recognized for my work.


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