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lgramlich 01-01-2014 06:35 PM

New Year/New Member
A happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 to all!

My name is Lana Gramlich. I'm an internationally collected, award-winning, part-time professional nature photographer in the Greater New Orleans area.

I started back in the days of film, but really got hooked by digital back in 2008. I now shoot with Canons (mainly because that was the system I started with.)
I love all things nature, but my best subject seems to be landscapes.
I also do freelance work for a local magazine (Country Roads,) from time to time.

I beat cancer in 2012, then 2013 saw me sidelined by severe arthritis in my back, so I've been off my game for a couple of years. Things are starting to look up, however (the cancer's gone and physical therapy's helping the arthritis,) and I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal life.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know others here. 01-12-2014 10:31 AM

Good to have you on board with NANPA. I'm glad to hear you are able to return to what you enjoy. I too am a cancer survivor for 3 years now. It's good to be alive and kicking and taking pictures. I also use Canon equipment and live in Texas so not too far apart. I'm always looking for places to shoot and I know of many places close to my home to shoot. I run a small photography tour business that is just getting started and I only take people to local places and can go by boat to get close to many birds in the backwaters of Lake Livingston, TX.
Again Welcome, Gary Truchelut

lgramlich 01-12-2014 01:06 PM

Nice to "meet" you!
Thanks for the warm welcome. If ever I'm headed in your direction I'll definitely look you up. Congrats on surviving cancer. too! Nice to put all of that in the rear view mirror!

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