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keithsnell 10-01-2009 10:33 PM

College Program Looking for Photo Ops Near Reno
We're in the beginning stages of planning our "photo shoot" with the College Program Scholarship students. The photo shoot will be on Tuesday before the Summit officially commences, and so we are looking for somewhere within a one to one and a half hour drive from Reno.

Stillwater NWR is at the top of our list, both because it is within easy driving distance, and because is has an interesting (ecological) story to tell. However, we're concerned that it might not be as "photogenic" as other locations. So, the question is "what other places in proximity to Reno are both photogenic and have a "story" to tell?"

We're also considering the Truckee River restoration projects (McCarran Ranch, et al.) led by the Nature Conservancy. Again, both because of proximity and because of the underlying conservation story.

Does anyone familiar with the Reno area have any other suggestions? Or recommendations for or against Stillwater or the McCarran Ranch/Truckee River?

Thanks for your help!


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