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spowers 05-26-2009 12:37 PM

President's Message
One of NANPA's missions is to help lovers of nature photography stay connected. We hope our public and private forums do that for you. We encourage nature photography enthusiasts to become NANPA members in order to avail themselves of all the benefits NANPA has to offer.

- Sharon Cohen-Powers
President, NANPA

amjpix 06-26-2009 11:20 AM

President's Message
I'm following instructions for test survey and we're supposed to post comments...
So a comment for Sharon's message - maybe add a few specifics about how these forums can help... :cool:

well, that :cool: was supposed to be the smilies face with dark glasses. dunno whether it come thru that way - maybe they only work for the message..

amjpix 06-26-2009 11:33 AM

what's the difference between go advance which I just did - it opened a preview page and then it seemed to erase everything. Hope not as it had several comments about placement of inserts being off from where I'd left curser and the difficulty of not seeing the preview as you write...

Now will try Post Quick Reply - alison

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