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Default 430EX Flash

I was in Costa Rica for a week at the end of February, on the Osa peninsula at first, then Tortuguero. Naturally, I needed a flash a lot. I put 4 new alkaline batteries in and, when the flash went off (and I wasn't hoping for a greedy miracle!), I was quite pleased. I was a bit surprised at the re-charge time, but perhaps that is because my expectations for the flash were a bit high. I still have to check thoroughly, but it felt like 6 or 7 seconds at times. I will look into it, but there was a more important issue:

After several shots, the flash would not re-charge, and when I took out the batteries, they were flaming hot! I took to carrying 8 batteries with me, and swapping them. When I put 4 cool batteries in, the flash was good to go again. When they got hot, I put back in the now cooled previous set.

Is that to be expected? Was I pushing the flash too far? Or is there a way to avoid (or at least minimize) this problem? All suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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