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Unhappy Epson

My studio has been using Epson's for about nine years - currently we're using an Epson 9600 44" with photo black inks. Although we have been extremely pleased with the quality of the prints, we have had print head / nozzle issues with ALL the Epson printers we have owned - particularly dried nozzles and deflected nozzles. The Epson's we have owned did not allow for individual print head cleanings, so if one print head needed cleaning then all print heads went thru a cleaning cycle which wastes A LOT of ink and fills up the maintenance tank (which collects wasted ink from print head cleanings). For example, our old Epson 1280 did not allow to replace the maintenance tank, when it was full the printer would not print properly and the printer needed to be replaced. We have had numerous mechanical issues with our 9600 and we were also not at all happy with the Epson Service Contract we purchased with the printer. We purchased a 3 yr contract and after 2 yrs we were informed that Epson was no longer honoring service contracts for that printer model. So, we will not be purchasing another Epson printer for our studio. I am currently looking into the HP Z3100 and similar models from HP.

Well, this has been our experience with Epson products
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