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Default Photo Ops Near Reno

Hi Everyone,

I'm the Program Chair for the High School Scholarship Committee, and we once again looking for places to take our 10 high school scholarship students before the Reno Conference. So, if you have any suggestions, please share.

Thus far I've heard of some great opportunities, though I'm always open to hear about more from the rest of you.

What I've heard about so far:

Lake Tahoe - I haven't actually been there, so if anyone has some specifics, please let me know.

Bodie Ghost Town - this is an amazing place, I was there last summer, and the old textures / architecture is just fantastic. This is a bit of a drive however - a couple hours - maybe 3?

Mono Lake / Lee Vining Ca. - If you go to Bodie Ghost Town, I would suggest spending a day in Lee Vining to photograph the wonderful Tufa's of Mono Lake - it's just a half hour or so from the ghost town. There's also an amazing gas station - called Tioga Toumi's - they have the best fish Taco's you've ever had. No, these aren't taco that are rotating around in one of those register side cookers, they're from a real restaurant inside the station.

Best of Luck.
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