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Default Galapagos equipment

Sorry for the slow reply, but I'm on a photo assignment right now and the internet is spotty at best! Yes, I agree that the 100-400 will be a great lens to take. For Nikon shooters the 80-400. I also bring a 18-200, 300, 60 mm macro. The beaches are great for nice shell shots and there is some nice plant life to shot as well. I have already had questions about 500mm lens ... really, in my opinion it's overkill for the trip. It might be nice for possible whale shots, but other then that most wildlife is pretty darn close. You also have to consider the baggage weight issues for the internal flight. PACK everything you need ... but leave everything else HOME. As for tripods, yes they are handy, but again keep in mind that alot of the time we will be in small zodiac boats getting to and from the islands, and you will have to carry everything. Sometimes we are just viewing wildlife from the boats, where a tripod is really not needed, if fact, in the way sometimes. I will be home in a few weeks and will be sending out full packing suggestions for gear and clothing for the Galapagos trip. As soon as I return, we will get down to getting ALL of your questions taken care of. Looking forward to traveling with all of you on this great trip!
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