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Originally Posted by jacquelinedeely View Post
I am exhibiting at an event where I also have the opportunity to sell matted prints and cards. My question is specifically relating to cards.

Does anyone here create sets of cards for sale and if so, who do you use?

I have looked at SmugMug whom I have an account with. For 5"x7" blank note cards with an image on the front and printed text on the back indicating my website, etc., we are looking at $35.00 for 25 cards not including shipping. I have looked at a couple of other sites and don't see much of a difference in pricing.

Does anyone know of a service with pricing geared toward photographers for resale? The event will also be keeping 30% of the sale price, so I am wondering if it is even worth it in the first place?

Appreciate the help!
I print my own cards using paper stock from Red River paper I use their "Pecos River Gloss" in the 7X10 in size which makes 5X7 cards.

I create a template in Photoshop and insert 4X6 image files and any text as needed. The cost is about $1.20 per card including ink and envelopes. The only thing you can't do is print borderless cards.
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