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Thanks Eric.

By the way, the two software vendors are continuing to improve their products...adding new features and improving older ones. While watching the FoCal demo from the link in my original post, I realized the video was made last summer and is based on version 1.4. The latest version of that software is 1.8, and many improvements have been made since 1.4. There is probably a more recent demo around somewhere.

One of the things I like about FoCal is the database of test results they have collected from users all over the world. You can see the aperture sharpness curve for a large number of cameras/lenses at:

With FocusTune, you can download a demo version of the software from the MichaelTapesDesign website that has the full system functionality. The demo comes with demo images and you can only use it with those images, but you do get a great feel for how the system work.
Larry Jordan

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