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Default What's the practical solution to Facebook?

Facebook has announced yet another use policy - one where they extend rights to include the ability to use your images and profile photo to support paid ads without permission or compensation.

The options are pretty simple:
  • You can stop using Facebook and remove all images.
  • You can watermark or otherwise make images unusable.
  • Or just accept this as a reasonable tradeoff and carry on.

I'm not sure the first two options are really viable. Facebook is a source of communication with clients, friends, and potential clients. It produces revenue. Google+ and other choices are incremental - not substitutes.

And putting a big watermark on images is just another way of showing unattractive photos - it is self defeating and hurts the photographer more than Facebook. Perhaps a big low opacity watermark in the center would still be useful in preventing printing while maintaining the ability to see the image.

It seems that the third option - accepting the tradeoff - is a better option. I'm getting a free service that I use to make money. If Facebook is going to advocate me and my images - mainly to my friends - that's probably not a big problem and the concerns are overblown.

I'm probably going to increase the size of my watermark as well - and decrease the size and resolution of posted images. I don't like the new Facebook policy - but I'm not really surprised and still believe the tradeoffs are okay. It's not that big a deal.
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