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Hi Eric,

I'm in no way saying that they were illegally using the other photographers images or that they stole them.

But they "mixed" quite a few "artistic" images with their own images, without watermarks or any indication of who the original photographer was.

This I think would lead any visitor to their website to assume that all the images were the website owners images with the exception of obvious images such as icons, banners or the like.

It might be a huge oversight on the website owners part in not recognizing that people might think that all the images were theirs or it could be that they deliberately excluded any reference to the true ownership to embellish their own photographic skills....who knows?

But I'm curious to know what others thought about this, should all "artistic" images be clearly identified as to who the photographer was if not oneself?

After all, we have demanded the paper press and other big business to do this for years, shouldn't everyone be doing it to clearly identify the owner of images not their own?
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