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Default Wild 9, 9th World Wilderness Congress

Wild 9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress
November 6-13, 2009
Merida, Mexico

"The World Wilderness Congress (WWC) is now the longest-running, public, international environmental forum. With over 25 years of conservation achievements, the WWC has become a high-profile platform for acting on complex wilderness and wildlands issues. The WWC includes senior-level representation from governments, the private sector, native peoples, non-governmental organizations, academia and the arts in a structure carefully designed to bring together the full spectrum of wilderness-related views. Broad-based participation, combined with the spirit of open and balanced debate, creates a constructive, objective oriented environment, and generates practical conservation outcomes."

More information on Wild 9 can be found at this link:

And a link to the Wild 9 pdf brochure is here: (aprox 7MB file, so allow sufficient time for download)
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