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You ask some very good questions Rich,

Although I wasn't aware that some states defined an edition for you, I can say that for my own prints, an "Edition" includes ALL sizes. So, if I have an edition of 75 prints then that means 75 in total.

Selling prints in limited editions COMPELS you to keep records so you don't exceed the edition number, if not legally then certainly morally. For myself, I keep records of where each print goes - whether it is sold or, on occasion, I will donate prints to local fund raisers. So I not only know how many have been printed, I know who has them unless they have been resold.

All that being said, you asked a couple of questions that I would like to hear some comments about. First, how large should an edition be to make it worth while. My current edition size is 200, but I am going to lower it to 75 with escalating prices at the 26 and 51 points.

The other point is "what about posters and notecards?" I personally don't consider it out of bounds to print posters and notecards of the image that are not included in the edition.

comments very welcome....

William (Bill) Plunkett
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