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Hi Allison,

Yes, I am using a Canon XHA1 - I use it tethered to a computer for my interview pieces, and so I can use power from a 110 volt outlet, and then I use it with the miniDV tapes for when I'm shooting wildlife or in remote areas. The battery consumption thus far is my only issue with the camera, the footage looks great, and the lens has done a great job.

As Carl mentioned, the Sony EX1 or EX3 are both great cameras. They record in a less compressed XDcam format, and have larger sensors 1/2" instead of 1/3 inch. Unfortunately at $7000 or more, they just weren't in my price range. Until I find some sponsors for my project, I'm funding all of this out-of-pocket, and I think the Canon fills that niche well. It takes great footage if you are careful to control the exposure and make the most out of it. From what I've heard and read, BBC, PBS, Discover, Discovery HD, and GEO all accept the HDV format - though some have restrictions. To give you an example, the XHA1 uses the same sensor that the Canon XLH1 uses, though the XLH1 has interchangable lenses which the XHA1 doesn't - Art is using the XLH1 for his PBS series "Travels to the Edge" - so I know PBS is willing to publish footage from the camera, as well as it is done well.

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