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Thanks for the note. I'll be watching for your selective sharpening advice. I will have photoshop CS4 for MAC. A family member is a teacher and has agreed to buy it for me.
Whoopee! BIG discount!

Another topic I would like help with is the proper way to clean the camera and lenses. Maybe you would have time to do a blurb on that subject too. I'm finding that my shutter release button is slightly sticky. I'm wondering if it's the sand that I'm sure got into everything when I was at Pfeiffer Beach on California Central Coast. The wind all of a sudden started blowing like a hurricane and sand flew everywhere. I didn't have any protection for my camera or lens. I tried to protect them as much as possible but the sand was blowing too hard to do a good job. I notices the stickiness yesterday when I was practicing with my new tripod. I had to press the shutter too hard to get it to fire and pictures came out with a slight blur.

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