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Default Photo Workshops and Intellectual Copyright Law

Hi Kathy,

Just a thought about attempting to cover and quantify the issues behind photo workshops and workshop handouts. Most nature photographers have turned to teaching as an additional source of income, as traditional print markets are sluggish at best. The problem here is that there is a great deal of research and investment that goes into the planning and execution of a well-done workshop. Some photographers looking to enter this market are simply taking the ideas, locations, schedules etc. of those already teaching, and calling it their own.

Is this an intellectual copyright issue? Though I'm not looking to name people, I've personally had someone go as far as to teach a workshop based solely on a handout I gave at a workshop of mine they attended. They even called during their presentation to make sure they understood a point correctly - imagine my surprise. I don't know that there's any legal issue here, but perhaps it would be good to establish a code of conduct or ethics. I don't want to say that I own a location, or a topic, but just that ethics would dictate I don't follow around another photographer in the field because I like their work, I think people need to be aware that copying someone's teaching is equally unethical.

Just a thought.
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