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Default Flickr

One other topic, Flickr.

I have a friend who's wife is a photo-buyer for a large textbook company. They have an exclusive contract with Getty for images, but she tells me that before she looks at Getty, she looks through Flickr. 9 times out of 10, she is able to find the photo she wants, obtain the rights to use it for little more than the promise of a copy of the textbook.

I don't know that the people who are agreeing to this are our members, but it might be useful to start an initiative to inform members what they should expect in return for licensing their photo. I think this problem will only get worse, but perhaps we can at least take a few small steps toward a solution. The issue here, and one that is age-old, is the valuation of art (or in this case photography), and until photographers can agree that their creations have inherent value, we have no hope of convincing the market that they need to value our creations.

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